Our Services – Wrinkle Reduction:

Creating the best possible you

Lines and wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes are best eliminated by relaxing them with a product that stop the muscle from moving, so wrinkles can not be formed and new skin grows wrinkle free.

D&J Aesthetics offer three different brand of wrinkle relaxant product, so the customer can choose the look they wish to achieve.The happiness of our clients is at the centre of what we do, and we may accommodate for many additional needs or concerns you may have.

Some people prefer a natural soft look with a large percentage of movement, whereas others wish to achieve a more chiseled appearance with less movement.


(Botox, Anti Wrinkle Injection) – Please note that prices may be subject to change, based on area:

1 Area: £150

2 Areas: £220

3 Areas: £280

(Anti Wrinkle Injection, non-premium brand)

1 Area: £140

2 Areas: £180

3 Areas: £220

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