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Creating the best possible you

D&J Aesthetics offer a range of services, with the client at the heart of everything we do. In addition to the services listed below we offer a free consultation to all clients, to discuss specific desires or concerns. If you have any queries or would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us below.

D&J Aesthetics are based in both the Weymouth Bay and Basingstoke areas to provide the fullest possible geographical coverage for their clients.

Please note that D&J Aesthetics also offer a 10% discount for those working in the emergency services. Thank you for your support.

What We Offer

 Wrinkle Reduction:

Lines and wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes are best eliminated by relaxing them with a product that stop the muscle from moving, so wrinkles can not be formed and new skin grows wrinkle free.

D&J Aesthetics offer three different brand of wrinkle relaxant product, so the customer can choose the look they wish to achieve.The happiness of our clients is at the centre of what we do, and we may accommodate for many additional needs or concerns you may have.

Big thank you to the girls at D&J aesthetics… a very professional experience, had a informative consultation, questioned all answered. Really pleased with my results


We offer a variety of products to help eliminate the appearance of deep wrinkles and furrows in the face. These treatments can improve the appearance of the lines between the nose and mouth, and the surrounding area.

Depending upon the product, these can last up to 18 months, allowing the most thorough of treatments for our clients.

Lip Enhancements:

Using fillers, a beautiful, fuller shaped mouth may be achieved. It is up to the individual the look they wish to have, with some people preferring a small amount of filler to achieve a natural, fuller appearance, whilst others like a full glamourous pout!

By defining the Vermilion Border (the line where the pink of the lips meets the point of the skin) ‘smoker’s lines’ may also be softened. Both the upper and lower lip may be targeted to achieve the fullest look.

Great experience with D&J. Lovely girls who provide an extremely thorough consultation… can’t wait to see all the benefits over the coming weeks.

B12 Injections:

Designed to revitalise general health and lifestyle, and to treat a variety of different medical conditions, D&J Aesthetics offer B12 injections in order to provide the fullest range of services to our clients. The possible benefits of B12 injections are:

– Improved energy and stamina

– Improved sleep quality and duration

– Higher metabolism

– Improved mental clarity

Bio Re Peel:

This is a medical grade peel and should only be carried out by a medically trained professional. It has all the power and benefits you would expect from a chemical peel but minimum down time.

It has the following functions:

– Helps diminish large pores

– Helps diminish acne

– Helps diminish hyperpigmentation

– Helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles

I had a very professional experience with Danielle and Jill having my B12 injection. They are both very knowledgeable in both B12 and facial aesthetics.


Sunekos is a new injectable treatment containing amino acids and hyaluronic acid – it works by stimulating the skin to produce a mix of collagen and elastin.

This process rebuilds the dermal layers of the sin and restores the natural youthful look by tightening the area, improving skin hydration and texture, plumping wrinkles and lines out.